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I have always loved design. As a young girl, I am sure I drove my grandmother crazy asking for scrap material to make my dolls as glamorous as the movie stars with the big ballgowns in the black and white films we'd watch together.


This love affair with fashion and fabrics led me to design my own clothes and inspired me to open my first clothing store at age 18. From there, I managed numerous stores, but I wasn't truly satisfied until I worked as a window dresser for a chain of clothing stores. Each day, I would create a new world by designing a small space and dressing a 'large Barbie'... It was love!

And I continue to love what I do now: creating new spaces and environments for (real) people and places on a much larger scale for my company Jett Black Interior Design. I still get to play with fabrics and create huge "ballgowns'.. but in drapes or soft pillowy sofas.  accessorized with door knobs or tile or hardwood flooring. I guess one would say, "you had me at design."





Operating as Jett Black Interior Design, I have designed both vacation and home residences and restaurants in Canada, United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

These projects have included both designing from the ground-up working with an architect and at a pre-existing home.

When working from the ground-up, i often assist the home owner in dealing with the architect and remain with them during the entire process... which can form a long-term relationship. Once the concept is decided upon, a room-by-rooom budget is established in association with the floor plan. Then purchasing of furniture, accessories and contents begins, and if needed, importation takes places. Once it all arrives, a formal installation is completed and fine details created. 


For homes that are already built, furniture packages, window treatments and accessory packages are suggested, designed and installed. Each client brings a different idea, time-line and budget. It's great to continue to grow and learn, and no two days are ever the same.





HOUZZ - Best of Houzz 2016 and 2017

​ - Female Designer of the year- 2016

Cabo Social Magazine - nominated 'Best Interior Designer' 2010

Cabo Living Magazine

  • Auberge Resort private residence 'Baja Casa with Class,' Summer/Fall 2008

  • Palmilla Resort private residence 'Set for Style', Winter 2009

  • Villas D'Oro Resort Condo 'Baja on a Budget" Spring 2010


Gringo Gazette, 'Luxury Avenue Opens', Featuring Greenbergs

Restaurant Volume 14 #9, Jan 5, 2009

Cabo Noche, 'New This Season,' Summer, 2009 Bella Luca Emporium Boutique

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